The violence cicle in american black people’s life

Cover from Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star

It’s impressive the size of the target in our back.

I am privileged. I grew up in middle class neighborhood and my mother, public functionary, managed to pay alone, with struggle, a good education. Thing that put me in advance a lot.

Still, violence was constant in my life.

Verbal and exclusion violance in the first years in playboy school (I found my friends in the last year).

Verbal and physical violence from the “street boys” (I was the playboy for them).

House violence. (I don’t blame my mama. I never will understand what is raise and discipline a son without a father. Metods…)

Older, things get harder.

A guy poiting a gun to you don’t even bother anymore. Standard procedure: “Good evening. Have you any drugs, guns with you? Open your bag.”

Robbery? I been through. Persuit? I been through. Crackhead threatining you with a knife? Yep. There is a plenty of motherfuckers in Rio wanting to fuck you up.

But I ain’t just passive actor in this cicle… I can spent a whole night talking about my street brawls. In some of them I was right, some other, wrong. Until here they are just “stories to tell”. I hope that keeps like that way.

Our community is trapped in a fucking cicle of violence hard as fuck to get out. Violence turns into a permanent part of life. A form of expression. A addiction.

So, this is what happens: You live in a society where INJUSTIFIED prisons and murder of black people explicitly occurs in desproportion (see, I’m just talking about the unfair cases, I’m not even mentioning the “justified” cases).

So, you, black, even if you walk on line your whole life, don’t wait for a prize.

Now… if you dare to cross the line, the society hammer will fall on you with no mercy. Nothing more matters.

They will research your previous life to find something to relativize what they will do with you, like “hmm see it? good he wasn’t.” or “I’m not trying to justified but look to what he already did”.

Resuming, in case the general idead have slliped: We are in a trap. We are beated the whole time, we learn how to offend and the punishment for this is desproportional, physically and morally.

I didn’t pull out this point from my ass. For who want to learn more about I reccomend the movie All Day All Night.

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